The Paxford Priors Murder Mysteries.

A series of three written in the British Cosy genre.

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Book 1 in the series: The Paxford Priors Murder Mysteries (Available NOW!)

The Mad Hatter Murder

Set in the idyllic, imaginary Cotswolds village of Paxford Priors. Twins Becky and Louise open the Mad Hatter Tea Shop. Viv is looking for new dancing friends when her Morris side the Dairy Maids folds up. Gemma is desperate to start a new life in the village. Students Elly and Molly just want something interesting to do in the summer holidays.
During one hot summer, Lady Lucy Percy leads them to mayhem and murder. Paxford Priors gets its first ever crime scene. Meet the men in their lives. A cosy setting, a good plot and a humorous read.

Book 2 in the series: The Paxford Priors Murder Mysteries (Available March 2016)

Under The Moon

New arrivals in the Cotswold village of Paxford Priors really stir things up. Is Rainbow Whitefire all she seems? Can the new vicar and his wife really be French? As winter turns into spring, madness sweeps through the village. Madness means murder. Through no fault of their own, the women are embroiled again. This time the village men do not escape the trouble. The same cosy setting, an even more tangled plot and laugh-out-loud funny.

Book 3 in the series: (Available Autumn 2017)

Snakes and Ladders

The last book in the series. The villagers of Paxford Priors have seen a couple of gruesome murders in their time, but this final adventure sees their last enemy meet a frightful end.